IT Infrastructure
This business unit is manned by a group of highly competent individuals specializing in the areas of technology services, IT operations and management services. We are engaged by our clients to assist them in optimizing technology solutions that meet their specific business needs and to manage their IT costs competitively through the use of virtualization technology.

We enable our clients to adopt new leading edge technology, with costs effectively controlled via an OPEX based operating model. Using our proven methodology and expertise in infrastructure management, our clients are able to manage their IT costs in tandem with their business driven growth. This added flexibility provides our clients with the agility to shape their IT needs to suit their growth and to manage their investments.

We provide reliable and creative execution in:
  • IT infrastructure architecture planning and solutions
  • IT infra project management
  • Data Center hosting
  • Data center virtualization
  • Disaster recovery
  • Managed IT services in the areas of virtualization, systems, storage, databases, backup, network and security operations

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