Application Development & Business Intelligence
Application Development
This Application Development group is made up of two teams - Business Applications (BA) and Information Applications (IA) - which support all business applications for our clients. These include the business critical transactional systems as well as the information/productivity systems.

The BA team helps businesses manage the complexity and volatility of today's financial markets, supporting transactional systems such as Summit, SAP, STP, Order Management System and Bloomberg. The team provides seamless integration and end-to-end support from Front Office, through to Middle Office and on to Back Office operations. Its primary focus is streamlining processes, reducing the need for human intervention, enhancing controls and improving straight-through processing.

The IA team which is versatile in both the Microsoft and IBM platforms, implements and supports knowledge management, corporate intranet and internet, as well as turnkey non-transactional applications for an organization's corporate divisions. Leveraging on the latest content management workflow, collaboration and related technologies, this team helps businesses better manage their organizational knowledge, improve communications within the organization and enhance the efficiency of processes.

Business Intelligence
In a world where information is critical to decision making, the Business Intelligence (BI) team leverages on data gathered from various sources, cleansing and transforming these to provide actionable information for tactical and strategic business decisions.

The BI team helps our clients with end-to-end business analytics. This includes identifying the information and insights needed for decision making and/or performance measurements; working through the data chain and data lifecycle to extract data from various source systems; architecting the data-warehouse to optimize data processing; processing the data, and presenting these in an intuitive manner for business actions.

Some of our work includes portfolio performance tracking, Value-at-Risk reporting, Wealth-added analysis, management dashboards and a series of Board Reports for the business.

The team is also experienced in Advanced Analytics work such as risk management, forecasting and predictive modelling.

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